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Colouring of Artiva skirting baseboards

Uniquely designed interiors with Ariva paintable casings and skirting boards.

One believes that creating an individual design is a hard achievable and quite costly challenge. Meanwhile, one can give the interior of the room a unique design with the usual and cheap skirting boards and casings.

Detailed guidelines for coloring of Ariva skirting boards

Artiva skirting boards and casings are manufactured of a durable and environmentally friendly material - MDF - and are faced with a special finish film, which allows one to coat them with paint.

Decorator’s technique: addition and contrast

Skirting boards can both continue the color of the main cover, and contrast with it. If you have low walls in the room, it is better to paint the skirting board the same tone color as the wall. This will visually increase the floor-to-ceiling height of the room. If the room is sufficiently high and spacious, paint the skirting board either in the color of the floor, thereby increasing the area of the room, or, conversely, in a bright contrasting hue. The latter option gives interesting possibilities for decoration.

Play of colors

For what styles and type of rooms is it a hot topic to paint the decorative elements for the final finishing? For any modern style, actively using bright and non-standard solutions, and absolutely for all rooms. Here you go some examples.

-for entrance hall and front room: color accents

The interior, couched in soft, discreet tones, can be revived with bright accents: repeat blue, raspberry, azure, salmon color of the skirting board in textiles, pillows, curtain patterns, coffee tables, shelves, decor items (vases, pots, etc.).

- for children's room: bright discovery world

Interior designers advise to decorate children's room with simple pure tone colors: blue, yellow, red, green, orange. These colors contribute to the manifestation of activity, cheerfulness and creativity in the child. Artiva paintable skirting board is an excellent addition to the bright colors of children's room. For example, if there are photo wall-papers or a wall mural with a colored bright element on the ceiling or walls, you can paint the skirting board in the room with the same tone color of paint as this element.

- for kitchen: a warm and cozy place

Kitchens can also be revived and filled with bright positive emotions with color accents. Therefore, for example, if there is a bright pattern on the kitchen splash back, it can be supported with a skirting board painted in the same tone color.

-for all rooms: skirting boards and casings of the same color

Universal and extremely simple design technique, which is easy to implement by yourself with the help of Ariva casings and skirting boards.

For each skirting board model we offer casings with the same type of milling. It allows you to arrange the edging of the door or window in the same stylistic and color scheme with a skirting board. This reception is very simple and at the same time universal: it is suitable for any type of room - from office to private house - and for any room: from the manicure room in the beauty salon to the living room in the apartment.

Choosing a tone color

RAL is a classic color collection, which has been a standard for color selection for almost a century now. Currently, it includes 213 colors. We suggest you to choose any desired tone color from this color range and paint the skirting boards and casings yourself or with the help of our specialists. Place an order on our website, and the specialist will professionally cover the selected decorative elements with high-quality polyurethane enamel.

Examples for Artiva products colouring

Artiva floor skirting board №7 Quartz color
Artiva floor skirting board №7 Quartz color
Artiva floor skirting board №7 Quartz color
Artiva floor skirting board №14 French gray color
Artiva floor skirting board №14 French gray color
Artiva floor skirting board №14 French gray color
Artiva floor skirting board №18 Purple-gray color
Artiva floor skirting board №18 Purple-gray color
Artiva floor skirting board №18 Purple-gray color

We would like to thank interior designer Irina Dudkova for her assistance in preparing the material.

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